Welcome to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs website. Greetings to all  members of the WFMC and to parents, teachers, friends, and students!

Our objectives are to promote American music and music scholarships, programs, and awards for high school, collegiate, and adult age skill levels. We encourage the growth of the Federation Festivals by participation and encouragement of students from primary through high school age. These students may later on compete at the collegiate and Young Artists’s level.  Music awards, programs, and scholarships, are possible at the local club, state of Wisconsin, North Central Region and the National Federation of Music Clubs Divisions.


It is our hope that you will discover the opportunities that are available through the Federation of Music Clubs at these levels.

We invite music organizations, music teachers, music students, and music lovers as residents of our ‘Forward’ state, Wisconsin, to share our goals and to join WFMC.  Together we can move forward in keeping music in our schools, and communities.