Peggy Radmer Scholarship

The Peggy Radmer Scholarship, ‘I Love Music’ was established in 2017 in memory of Peggy Radmer, a past state president, as well as a long time member of the WFMC, and co-founder of the Wisconsin Independent Senior Club.

This award is a $500 scholarship designated for 12th grade students pursuing post-secondary education in a field other than music.  The recipient of the scholarship must relate how their love of music has influenced them and helped, through dedicated practice, to instill in them the desire, discipline and commitment to reach the goals that the student sets for his, or her, life.

2017 Recipients are: Emily Anna Bollendorf and Eleanor Louise Sladek. The scholarship is designed for 12th grade students continuing their education in a non-musical field¬† who are moving on to careers advanced by the disciplines learned from practice and commitment, and importantly, sharing a ‘love of music.’ Congratulations to our first scholarship recipients who shared their love of music!

Peggy Radmer I Love Music Scholarship article 2017

Pictured above are Eleanor Sladek and piano teacher Mary Larsen.

Pictured above is Emily Bollendorf, 2017 Scholarship Recipient.