Junior Composers

Junior Composers Contest – Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs

Sam Ecoff, Chair of the WFMC Junior Composers Contest announces the following students as composer contest winners in Wisconsin:

Class I    Brianna Yang with ‘The Circus‘ (First Place)

Allison Yang with ‘Happy Clown!‘ (Second Place)

Class II    Jeremy Cotturone with ‘Skipping Stones‘ (First Place)

Noah Garlock with ‘Walking on the Breeze‘ (Second Place)

Class III   Brooke Wisniewski with ‘Little Hunting Song‘ (First Place)

Tim Wang with ‘Crosswinds‘ (Second Place)

Class IV   Siddharth Nadkarni with ‘Contemplations‘ (First Place)

David Liu with ‘Slavic Dance‘ (Second Place)

In recent competition at the regional level (North Central Region) the following students compositions have been submitted for the NFMC competition.

Class I   Brianna Yang

Class III Brooke Wisniewski

Class IV Siddharth Nadkarni

David Liu

Congratulations to these students for advancing to the national competition! Good luck from your Wisconsin teachers!

Information for the 2019 Junior Composers Contest is below:

Read the WFMC Chair of the Junior Composers Contest (Sam Ecoff) letter carefully.  All submitted pieces must meet the requirements stated in this letter.

NFMC, WFMC, NCR Junior Composers is a competition with winners and monetary awards at the state, regional, and national levels. There are first and second place winners in each of the four categories whose compositions are forwarded to the North Central Region from the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs. In addition to the possibility of monetary awards, each entrant receives a rating sheet, and points towards earning a Federation Cup in the performance area of the Federation Festivals.

This competition is for all junior composers whether they are experienced in composing or just beginning. Entrants do not need to be studying composition. Any member of a Junior Club or any Individual Junior member of the WFMC is eligible. Students through the age of 18, at any level of ability and through any medium may enter a composition. Previous entries have included everything from an 8 measure piano piece to a 20 minute piano quartet; from ragtime to new age; from pieces with very simple rhythm to those with amazing complexity. In addition, please note that there is an opportunity for entrants in classes III and IV to attend the Junior Composer’s Summer Programs sponsored by the North Central Region of the NFMC. (See www.juniorcomposers.org) Entrants in these two categories are eligible to receive scholarship funding assistance from the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs towards payment of tuition and fees at a JCSP camp of their choice.

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