WFMC Specific Awards

Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs is honored to have several awards that are ‘named.’  The awards are named to honor a past member and are funded by the family and friends of that member. These awards, or scholarships, are available to members who meet the application criteria. Applications are found under the name of the award in this website. As updates are made for these annual awards they will be posted so that you may prepare your application.

Donations are gladly accepted for these awards, if you wish to do so. Contact our WFMC Treasurer, Susan Daniels in order to donate or fund an award of your own!

Awards in the WFMC include:

Apple for the Teacher (award given to qualified music teachers for music classroom purchases.)

*WFMC Apple Award Application 2019

Ruth Kreuser Scholarship – (award given to a qualified candidate for the continuation of musical studies.)

*Ruth Kreuser Application 2019

Peggy Radmer Scholarship – (‘I Love Music’ award given to a qualified candidate, who will not be pursing a music degree, in recognition of volunteer hours given to music development in a school, church or community setting.)

*Peggy Radmer Music Scholarship 2019 Application

Senior Club Grants – (given to WFMC senior clubs who qualify for a grant in order to pursue outstanding special projects for the advancement of community music involvement, or appreciation.) Senior Club Grants due date has changed – it is September 1, 2018. Please contact the State Chair for the current form.

In addition, donations are accepted at any time in order to fund the State Festival Competition first place categories. Donations may be given in honor, or memory, of someone you wish to remember. Various categories are available for donation purposes and include:

Piano Solo, Duet and Concerto

String Solo and Concerto

Vocal Solo Art Song and Vocal Solo Musical Theater

Flute Solo

In reality, the more donations the WFMC receives the more students we are able to recognize with a monetary award. Please contact our WFMC Treasurer, Susan Daniels, in order to make a donation for our young musicians.

I thank you in advance for your gifts in order to fund current and future awards.     Heidi O Hong, WFMC President

updated 10/8/18