Peggy Radmer ‘I Love Music’ Scholarship

Peggy Radmer, ‘I Love Music’ Scholarship

The WFMC is pleased to announce that the Radmer Family is honoring past WFMC President, avid Junior Division piano teacher, and our music club friend, Peggy. The $500 scholarship is designed for 12th grade students continuing their post-secondary education in a non-musical field. The recipient of the scholarship must relate how their love of music has influenced them and helped, through dedicated practice, to instill in them the desire, discipline, and commitment to reach the goals that the student has set for their life.  It is a requirement that the applicant has participated in an NFMC Federation Festival for a minimum of three years and have earned at least one Festival Cup. The award is open to all forms of music listed in the NFMC Federation Festivals Bulletin, whether vocal, instrumental or dance.

The WFMC thanks the Radmer family in helping students move on to amazing careers advanced by the discipline learned from practice, commitment, and the love of music with this scholarship.

Peggy Radmer Scholarship 2018 Application

From Cathy Paquette, Chair of this Scholarship:

Two winners have been selected in 2018.

Natalie Schmidt from Brookfield, a piano student for over 10 years of Mary Radell, a member of the Milwaukee Music Teachers Association. Natalie’s mother was a former student of Peggy Radmer, and Natalie said: “Mrs. Radmer’s passion for piano powered my mother’s deep love for the instrument.” Natalie was influenced by the love of music and later interest in musical theater.  She has been a part of the school theater, WSMA Solo and Ensemble, WSMA State Solo and Ensemble, the Wisconsin Choral Directors Assoc., All-State Honors Choir, the WFMC Federation Festivals (three Festival Cups in piano solo.) Her good spirits,and positive example have helped others, her Brookfield East High School music teacher, Mrs. Doepke, noted. Natalie plans to major in engineering and business.

Andrea Martin of Sheboygan is a dance student of Diane Remy. Andrea stated in her essay “dance has been a very empowering experience within my life…an important lesson learned is try, try, try again until you get it right.” She has worked hard for over 14 years to learn ballet, tap, jazz, baton, and Spanish dance. She has participated in many WFMC Federation Festivals and earned a 4th Festival Cup in ballet, and a 4th Festival Cup in tap. One of Andrea’s references,  Dr. Kobylinkski, said that “she is an unselfish and giving person and she performs all that is asked of her with this attitude. She is an intelligent and capable individual who possesses excellent moral character and will be an asset to her chosen profession.” Andrea plans to become a chiropractor in the future.

updated 5/1/18

2017 Peggy Radmer Scholarship Recipient, Eleanor Sladek with teacher Mary Larsen (Bay Area Club)

2017 Peggy Radmer Scholarship Recipient, Emily Bollendorf, student of Martha Veto (Schubert Club, Kenosha)


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