President’s Message

It is with sincere gratitude that I say “thank you” for being a part of the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs. Thank you to members who volunteer  in leadership roles, and for Federation Festivals across our state that allow students who excel in music a chance to be recognized, appreciated, and advance in competitions. The Junior, Collegiate, and Senior Clubs, programs, and scholarships in the WFMC are sponsored and organized by local music club members. Because of the dedication of so many — students of all ages are able to enjoy the thrill of musical performance.

Each and every music student of any age is the reason WFMC members continue to be involved and diligent in their tasks, duties, and responsibilities to their local clubs and to the WFMC.

Thanks to teachers, parents, and students who devote many hours to practice, study, and personal musical development.

During National Music Week (May 6-13, 2018) we are reminded of the NFMC 2018 theme ‘Music…the Universal Language.’ The future of the WFMC is in the chain of generations that we see today – in our junior, collegiate, and adult members. We join together as strong links in a vital organization because we have decided that staying involved is the best way to insure that music remains a part of everyone’s life.

Questions on awards, programs or scholarships, new member inquires, or other concerns? For this information only contact me at

Heidi Olson Hong
WFMC State President