Getting the Most

Ideas to get the Most from Festival Participation

Gold Cup Recipients

To encourage more students to participate in future Federation festivals, consider handing out participation certificates, consecutive festival cup certificates, and festival cups in an “award ceremony” following your spring or summer recital. Students and parents will love the recognition and public praise, and seeing those lovely  cups being handed out (and sitting en masse on top of your piano before the recital) does wonders to inspire the next crop of students to achieve!

Post pictures of Festival Cup recipients in your studio’s newsletter or on the bulletin board in your studio. Submit a picture of this year’s recipients to your local paper. Requiring all students participating in Federation Festival to participate in the theory/musicianship event means that you will have twice the number of festival cups to hand out in your awards ceremony, and double the opportunity to recognize your student’s musical excellence.

Holding studio classes or recitals using pieces for the Federation festival a couple of weeks before the actual festival can also greatly enhance your student’s festival experience. Allowing students to play for each other in a group setting where there is positive and constructive group critique following each student’s performance can provide a great incentive for the last minute practicers to have their pieces perfected before the day of Federation festival.

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