Federation Festivals, WFMC

What is the Federation Festival?

The National Federation of Music Club’s festival is a musical event held every year inthe spring as a means to foster musical education and development among students of music of all ages. Federation Festivals are held in many locations all over the nation. Students prepare musical pieces which are performed before a judge. The judge issues each participant a written critique to help them improve and grow as musicians. In addition to providing a valuable educational opportunity in a non-competitive setting, students can earn Federation Cup trophies and certificates for their participation.

2018 Presidents Cup Recipients

Mara K. Bajic     Eric Chen     Emily C. Johnson     Claire Y. Yun

Eric Chen with Jeanne Hryniewicki  at 2018 State Festival Competition

2018 Grand Cup Recipients

Adison Elliott     Emma G. Hilgendorf     Caitlin Morris

Mira Stephens

2017 Presidents Cup Recipients

Katherine Udell

2017 Grand Cup Recipients

Eric Chen     Maria Bajic     Elizabeth Peterson     Emily Bohlendorf     Shu-Ching Chang     Claire Yi Yun Liu

When is the Federation Festival Held?

The date of each Federation Festival varies from district to district and from year to year within the WFMC. You can view this year’s festival dates and locations. Information on the dates of your local festival are also published in the WFMC newsletter, News of Note. If you are unsure of which district you live in, contact a local festival chairperson for advice. For much more information about festivals and getting your students involved in Federation Festival, please see the Teacher Support page.