Forms, WFMC Federation Festivals, 2020-21

Important Message concerning Festivals 2021

With so many uncertainties, the WFMC is pleased to announce the 2021 Festivals will be held in March.

The WFMC is partnering with HeartOut, a virtual platform that will allow students to seamlessly submit videos and music for adjudication.

The state of Wisconsin is in this virtual format together – literally – as Festivals will be conducted across the state from March 5 to March 14, 2021, and adjudication running from March 15 to March 21, 2021.

You must be a dues paying member of a Junior Club in order to enter Festivals. Dues were necessary by October 15 (otherwise there is a late fee of $50) to Jon Radmer, WFMC Membership Chair. The dues remain $2 per student with an event fee of $18 per event. (If you are an individual member the dues are $50.)

More information will be forth coming, your teacher or district chairs will keep you up to date on the 2021 WFMC Festivals. Forms for the virtual Festivals in the WFMC were due 1/1/2021.

Thank you for your patience as we look forward to a successful Festival year together.

Kathy Baumgart, Robyn Doege-Brennan, Sam Ecoff, and Jeanne Hryniewicki, virtual Festival Event Committee

The Wisconsin State Festival Competition in May of 2021 has been canceled.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Federation Festival and Cup  Programs — in the Junior Division of the NFMC

The WFMC, being an active part of the NFMC, follow the rules, guidelines and procedures, as stated in the July 2020 – June 2024  Federation Festivals Bulletin. The new Federation Festivals Bulletin is now available to order from the NFMC Headquarters, A reminder that all materials concerning Federation Festivals and Cups are copyrighted by the NFMC.

You must be a dues paying member in good standing in the Junior (by being part of a Senior club) Division in order to participate in the Federation Festivals conducted across our state.

Please note that these forms are the only acceptable forms for use in entering students in WFMC Federation Festivals. Entries submitted on old forms, or custom forms, will be rejected and you will be required to redo your forms.

Click on the titles below to download the forms:

*parents release 2021 virtual festival

*Teacher 2021 Festival Release

If you have questions or comments contact your local Festival Chair or the WFMC State Festival and Cup Chair, Kathy Baumgart at: 262.547.3198

Marshfield and Hartland Strings Federation Festivals Sites will be in -person. The NFMC insurance waiver must be completed for each student. The WFMC rating sheets are below. These forms apply only to the two Federation Festivals in the WFMC, Marshfield and Hartland Strings Festivals.

*NFMC – Waiver with COVID Provision

*2021 Festival Application

*2021 JR 3-9 Rating Sheet