WFMC State Festival Competition, 2021

WFMC State Festival Competition

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the WFMC State Festival Competition has been canceled for May of 2021.

We apologize as we, the WFMC Officers and Members, realize how important the state festival has become to our students. However, it is absolutely necessary that we protect our children so this competition will not be held.

Not only students, but hundreds of teachers, volunteers, parents, judges, and room monitors, are involved in this day long event. We need to stay home and stay safe. Keep the music in your hearts and homes – until we meet again!

Jeanne Hryniewicki and Sam Ecoff, Co-Chairs of the WFMC State Festival Competition – see you online for the 2021 Virtual Festival Events in the State of Wisconsin.

Thank you for understanding, and participating in this Junior Division event.

In past years the WFMC was pleased to hold the Wisconsin State Festival Competition at UW-Milwaukee, Peck School of the Arts in Milwaukee.

Events in the past have included:  Piano, solo, duet, concerto and hymn playing; for Strings, solo, duet, and concerto; in Vocal, art song, musical theater, and duets, for Woodwinds, solo and concerto; and in Guitar, classical guitar, and classical guitar concerto.

New categories are added each year, please consult the 2021 National Federation of Music Clubs Bulletin for the performance lists, and rules. Nationwide Federation Festivals are held on an annual basis. All materials regarding the NFMC Bulletin, Federation Festival, and Cup Programs are copyrighted by the NFMC.

The WFMC State Festival Competition was growing, in 2019  there were 870 entries, compared to 2018 – 778 entries, and 2017 – 686 entries. As our State Festival Competition grows please consider volunteering for a day, or part of the day, to help our aspiring students. It should be noted that the co-chairs give around 200 hours each in planning and preparing this competition.

The WFMC sincerely appreciates all of the donations to the state festival competition scholarship fund.  All scholarships awarded at the annual State Festival Competition are funded entirely through donations to the scholarship fund, and we appreciate everyone’s support of the outstanding young musicians who receive these awards.  Please consider including a tax-deductible donation to the scholarship fund in your giving plan this year. You can help deserving students on State Festival Day in the future.

Jeanne Hryniewicki with 2017 Performers, WFMC State Festival Competition, May 13th

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