Entering Students in the Federation Festival

To enter your students in your local Federation Festival, you must first contact your Federation Festival Chairman. You can find contact information for your local festival chairman on the Federation Festival page. You need to inform him or her that you are interested to enroll your students and you need to get the date when forms and dues are due, and the date of the festival.

Next, you need a rating sheet for each student. Your local festival chairperson will alert you to a site so that you can download the paperwork necessary to enter  your students.  (Copies are also available from the NFMC website) You will need to compile all of your students information on a single form called the Application. You can see sample entry forms and application forms in the Download Forms section below.

You will need to collect dues and entry fees from all of your students, and then submit a single check to your local festival chairperson. Presently, dues are $2.00 per student annually, but this amount changes from time to time, so be sure to check with your district festival chairperson to ask about the current rate and the date on which dues are due. Once a student has paid their membership fee for the year, they can then enter as many events at Federation Festival as they wish.

Students are assessed an entry fee per event they enter. This fee may also change from year to year, so be sure to check with your district festival chair. Example: a student who participates in the Violin Solo and Theory/Musicianship events would thus pay two event fees, one for each event entered plus a single junior club membership fee.

Students who are ineligible to earn festival cups due to impending graduation from high school may be eligible for reduced entry fees since part of the entry fees are used to pay for cup trophies. Ask your local chairperson for more information.

If you are not a member of a senior club, you must pay for an individual senior membership. Presently, the fee for an individual senior membership is $20.00 but this fee is subject to change, so be sure to consult your local chairperson. Many teachers divide this fee amongst the students who are entering, and simply add a small amount on to each student’s membership fees. In this way, your participation in WFMC Federation Festival costs you nothing.

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