Federation Festival Bulletin

The Federation Festival Bulletin is a bound and printed volume which lists the specific rules for each event as well as the required repertoire, theory/musicianship requirements, cup plan specifics and a lot of other crucial information about Federation Festivals. The Federation Festival Bulletin is only available from the National Headquarters of NFMC. You can order a copy for a nominal fee by calling 317-882-4003 or by writing to info@nfmc-music.org. The Federation Festival bulletin is updated once every three years.

Teachers who enter students in Federation Festivals are required to purchase their own copy of the Federation Festival bulletin and peruse it regularly as it is an authoritative guide and introduction to Federation Festivals. In some events, every single piece will change, while others will see only minor changes with each new bulletin.

The current Federation Festivals Bulletin is green and covers the years 2017-2018-2019-2020. The Federation Festivals Bulletin along with all other paperwork including forms and applications are copyrighted by the NFMC.

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