Getting Additional Help

If this is your first time entering students in the Federation Festival, you are likely to have additional questions which are not answered here. There are several additional resources to which you can turn for more help:

  1. Federation Festival Bulletin
  2. Local Federation Festival Chairperson
  3. Experienced members of your local Senior Club
  4. National Headquarters (

We are also interested in hearing about questions that were left unanswered by this page. Please write to the webmaster with your questions so that additional information can be added to this page to help other teachers in the future. The webmaster may also be able to answer your question.

Current Federation Festival  Chairmen in Wisconsin are:

Eau Claire                      Esther Pedigo                                           715-720-1102

Grafton                            Annette Meyer                                       262-474-0109

Green Bay                      Sally Angell                                               920-337-9926

Janesville North         Becky Phillips                                         608-931-3861

Janesville South          Janet Schroeder                                   608-757-1680

Kenosha                           Marilyn Justus                                      262-633-1382

Madison                            Julie Chang                                            608-833-1485

Marshfield                        Paulette Reckner                               715-384-9908

Milwaukee North         Twila Bergeron                                   414-228-1061

Milwaukee South          Tami Samorajski                                 262-782-1395

Milwaukee West           Cherie Stein                                         414-477-0533

North Shore                      Kadie Johnson                                   262-375-1430

Sheboygan  (Dance)     Diane Remy                                         920-452-8697

Waukesha East                Jeanne Hryniewicki                       414-235-9680

Waukesha North            Kerry Garcia                                       262-323-2028

Waukesha South              Emily Gerst                                        262-506-4281

Waukesha West               Sam Ecoff                                            262-309-6090