Why Should You Enroll Your Students?

With so many  contests and festivals vying for your student’s time, you might wonder what makes the WFMC Federation Festival so unique and worthwhile. First, the WFMC Federation Festivals fall at a good time in the school year. Festivals are typically held from the first weekend in February until Mid-March which means that the majority of students will be working on their pieces during December and January, which can be a difficult time to motivate students to work. Knowing that they have a deadline to face, students will be more apt to work diligently during the winter months.

The WFMC Federation Festival also offers students an opportunity to receive a critique from someone other than their teacher. Some students have heard the same message from us as teachers so many times that they have come to politely listen during lessons, but don’t take our advice to heart. Sometimes hearing this same advice from a judge is exactly what’s needed.

As students advance through the many levels of repertoire from the Federation’s Bulletin, they can see their progress in lessons. The Federation awards certificates and Cup Trophies to students who participate, which provides another source of public recognition of student’s musical accomplishments.

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