Message From the President

Heidi O Hong, WFMC President 2015-2019

Welcome to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs!

I welcome you to the WFMC. (Please explore our website for more information about what we have to offer.) The WFMC has a proud musical history and a long association with the NFMC which was founded in 1898. Wisconsin was the first state to join the Federation having active Senior Clubs before 1908. The WFMC was federated in 1913 which encouraged other states to join the NFMC at a national convention in Los Angeles in 1915.

We are an organization of those who not only enjoy music, but also; create, arrange and edit, perform on instruments of all kinds, excel in piano education and performance, vocal and choral education and participation, teach in public and private schools and home studios, to students of all ages. (To name a few of the musical legacies in the WFMC.) We are not a group of musicians only – we are a group of volunteers that believes in supporting music in our schools, churches, synagogues, and communities.

Music is indeed a universal language: a voice of reason and peace in troubling times, a message of hope, a reflection of our time, a treasured or cherished memory, a dance, a creation of our choosing. Whatever language music is speaking, keeping music in our communities and across our state is a vital part of our membership responsiblity.

The WFMC invites you to become a member. Volunteers are needed to continue programs that extend to all ages in our Junior, Collegiate, and Senior Divisions. Some programs are for involvement in specific categories such as; Music Outreach, American Music Month, Founder’s Day, Parade of American Music, and National Music Week. Volunteers to chair Awards and Competition categories are also needed such as; Junior Composers, Student Auditions, Handbell Award, National Music Week, Summer Music Camp awards, and many more for all age levels. Our state has specific awards for performers, music teachers, and Senior Club grants that need your leadership help. There is a program, or award, waiting for you to chair in the WFMC today.

The future of the WFMC is in the chain of generations that I see currently in all nine Divisions of the National Federation of Music Clubs. Joining together as individuals in this vital music organization and staying involved will ensure that music remains a part of everyone’s life.

Heidi O Hong, WFMC President