Message From the President

Welcome to the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Website!

Cathy Paquette
WFMC President 2019-2021

As president of the WFMC, I’d like to encourage you to peruse our website to find out what we are all about. The WFMC is affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs which was formed in 1898 – Wisconsin being the first to join in 1905. Since those first beginnings we have grown to become a strong influence in the state for the encouagement of music education, appreciation, service, and enjoyment of music in all areas of life. We are composed of musicians and non-musicians alike who appreciate music and desire to see music remain an important part of the fabric that makes up Wisconsin.

Through the WFMC, music teachers have support and opportunities for their students; musicians of all ages have opportunities to perform and share their talents in all forms, for enjoyment and for service; and non-musicians have the opportunity to appreciate the many benefits of music in their lives. Multiple federation festivals are provided for students of all ages where the student has the experience of performing before a judge, providing a wonderful opportunity for growth in self-esteem and confidence. Through affiliation with the NFMC, opportunities abound for awards and competitions for all instruments, music composition, and dance. Also, summer music education programs are available for all instruments and voice, including composition.

Music is a source of healing for our mind, body, and soul and is an integral part of our being. Mankind cannot do without it, and therefore it is our responsibility to make sure that it remains an important part of our lives. The WFMC mission is to do just that – to encourage the growth of music in this state. With this being said, we encourage anyone with a likeminded desire to help in our goal, to become involved and reap the awards of being active in the WFMC. You will be richly blessed, along with those who will benefit by your involvement. Together we will make the WFMC strong and a continued support and encouragement for music in our wonderful state!

Message from the WFMC Past President

Heidi O Hong,
WFMC Past President 2015-2019

We are an organization of those who not only enjoy music, but also; create, arrange and edit, perform on instruments of all kinds, excel in piano education and performance, vocal and choral education and participation, teach in public and private schools and home studios, to students of all ages. (To name a few of the musical legacies in the WFMC.) We are not a group of musicians only – we are a group of volunteers that believes in supporting music in our schools, churches, synagogues, and communities.

Music is indeed a universal language: a voice of reason and peace in troubling times, a message of hope, a reflection of our time, a treasured or cherished memory, a dance, a creation of our choosing. Whatever language music is speaking, keeping music in our communities and across our state is a vital part of our membership responsiblity.

I am currently the WFMC Representative to the National Federation of Music Clubs, Board of Directors. It is my duty and responsibility to insure that the WFMC’s voice is heard at the Regional and National levels. If you have concerns, wish to see changes, have a program you wish to contribute to, or questions about the functions, programs, and awards of the NFMC; I am here to help. Please contact me on matters concerning the regional, or national level, so your voice may be heard. Every member is a valued member, express your thoughts and dreams for our future in the world of music.

Heidi O Hong, WFMC Immediate Past President, WFMC Representative to the NFMC Board of Directors