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From the WMFC President
Dear WFMC Member,

     We are well on our way into another year of music encouragement in the lives of those we teach and influence around us.  The WFMC continues to keep that goal in mind - to encourage the growth of music.  With this being said, we have various opportunities for people to partake of to encourage that growth, and our festivals are by far the largest aspect of this.  With the challenges we have dealt with these past couple of years, I am thankful our WFMC State Board voted on a new hybrid festival plan - both in-person and virtual to accommodate the needs of the teachers and students participating in the WFMC festivals.  We will need to be patient as we experience this form of festival participation for the first time.  Keep in mind that the WFMC is evolving into a new organization - forced upon us by inevitable changes taking place from an organization that began over 100 years ago, and also from the crisis of the pandemic.  What doesn't work for us this festival year will be changed and adjusted to what will work for us in following years.  My only request is that you work with us with understanding and patience as we work through this process.  

     I would like to add that I am happy to mention that we plan on having our WFMC State Festival Competition once again -  scheduled for Saturday, May 21, 2022 at the UW-Milwaukee Peck School of the Arts.  We have two new chairpersons that will be working hard to bring this wonderful opportunity for our students - Robyn Doege-Brennan and Lisa Mihas.  I am so appreciative of their willingness to do this work.

     Also, please consider entering your qualified students in one or more of the various WFMC and NFMC awards and scholarships.  I will be sending out an email with information on these in the near future.  Along with that, WFMC has ten $500 Apple for the Teacher Awards that are much appreciated by our public, parochial or private school music teachers.  The funds are much needed by these teachers, and many times not all of the ten awards are given out due to the lack of applications.  So please consider nominating a teacher who needs the funds - any WFMC member can do so and the process is very easy.

     My wish for you is that you have a successful, productive, healthy and happy 2021-2022 year in all of your endeavors.  I'm so appreciative of all the work you do to encourage music in the lives of those around you - a mission worthy of many blessings!

Warm regards, Cathy Paquette
WFMC President
2022 Federation Festival News!

Festivals will be Online and In Person

We know many of you have been wondering, just like we have, how we’ll handle festivals this year. Can they be in person? Can they be virtual? Well, we’re excited to say they can be both!

We anticipate that most festivals will be held in person this year and we’ll be doing it with the help of the HeartOut platform. The festival process will be very streamlined with you inputting your student’s information directly into HeartOut, paying directly through HeartOut, and getting Judge's comments and results directly through HeartOut. If a student wishes to do an online audition, they will once again do it through HeartOut.

For those students who want to do a virtual audition - Please send a list of your students to your festival chair. This list must contain the students name, event, and level. Also, all virtual auditions must be completed by the date of your in-person festival.

We will follow-up within the next few weeks with detailed information on the process for registering and auditioning. We can say HeartOut has simplified the way virtual auditions will be held. There will be only one (1) code to use, instead of two (2). That’s great news, if we do say so ourselves!

Event Fees will Increase this Year

We will also be implementing a fee increase this year. The application fee has remained the same for over 20 years. We’re sure you will agree, everything has increased in price (rather significantly) over the last two decades. To keep the out-of-pocket amount for students at a minimum, we will only be raising the fee $3.00. So, the total cost per event will be $21. Students who are juniors or seniors in high school who do not have time to earn another Festival Cup may subtract $9.00 as the Cup Fee has not changed.

Dues Are Due Soon!

Another thing to keep in mind is that dues are due to Jon Radmer NO LATER THAN Oct. 15th.

Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs dues deadline. Jon Radmer, the State Membership Chairman, must receive dues by October 15, or you will be charged a $50 late fee. His address is W5203 Bechaud Beach Dr., Fond du lac, WI 54935. The dues are $2 for each student you will be entering in Federation Festival. A subscription to Junior Keynotes magazine is also required at an annual cost of $6.

Thank you for continuing to participate in the Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs Festivals. Please direct any questions to Jeanne Hryniewicki, or 414-235-9680.

These festivals are only successful because of your dedication and support.

With appreciation,

Kathy Baumgart, Robyn Doege-Brennan, Jeanne Hryniewicki
Festival Event Committee

Junior Composers
Don’t you wish that there was one contest that hasn’t changed due to COVID? Well, guess what?!?! There is! It’s the National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Composers Contest! We’ve always had students turn in their scores remotely. Now, with online submissions at, it’s easier than ever to enter. There are cash prizes for the winners in each division, and students get lots of really helpful comments from our awesome judges. Students in classes II and IV even get scholarships to attend the Junior Composers Institute just for entering (there’s an online version too!).
It is time to start thinking about the 2022 WFMC Junior Composer’s Contest. Please encourage your students to participate as this is a competition with winners and cash prizes at the state, regional and national levels. There are 1st and 2nd place winners in each of the four classes whose compositions are forwarded to the North Central Region. In addition to the possibility of monetary awards, each entrant receives a rating sheet, and points towards earning a gold cup just like in the performance area of the Federation Festivals. 
This competition is for all junior composers whether they are experienced in composing or just beginning. Entrants do not need to be studying composition. Any member of a Junior Club or any Individual Junior member of the WFMC is eligible. Students through the age of 18, at any level of ability may enter a composition. Compositions may be for keyboard, voice, other instruments or any combination.
Please be aware of the changes in rules for submission of applications and compositions: All compositions and application forms must be sent as a pdf, produced and notated via a notation software program or hand notated and scanned. To submit your score, visit Once there, click the circle next to “Competitions and awards Entrant”. Under Select Competition,” choose “Junior Composer’s Awards – The NFMC Junior Composers Contest” and then select the appropriate class of the entrant. Enter the student’s name and the teacher’s e-mail address. Finally, drag the score and application in PDF format to the box at the bottom of the screen and click “SUBMIT”. If you need any help, please fee free to call me at 262-696-6459. Submissions must be received no later than Jan. 20, 2022.
Entry fees must also be paid online this year. To pay your entry fees, visit Under “Plans,” select Competition Entry Fees. In the “Note” box, enter “Junior Composers.” Under “Unit Cost” type in $28.00 and then select 1 as the quantity. The total amount you will be billed will be displayed.
We are pleased to once again offer an opportunity for entrants in Classes III and IV to attend the Junior Composer Summer Program sponsored by the North Central Region of the NFMC.  The 2022 program will be held at UW-River Falls. Much more information can be found at Students will have an opportunity to attend a one or two-week session. WFMC will award a half tuition scholarship to all students attending the Junior Composers summer program for merely entering this year’s NFMC Junior Composers contest!
Rules for the Junior Composers Contest and an application are included.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 262-696-6459 or
Sam Ecoff
Junior Composers Chair
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