About WFMC

The Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs has been helping to expand and support music throughout the state of Wisconsin for over 120 years! Wisconsin is the FIRST state to federate under the National Federation of Music Clubs. Read on to find out more about us! 

Max Ansimov, Senior Member of the Lake Country Senior Club, performs with one of his students. 

What We Do

We are a nonprofit group that promotes music, supports teachers either private or public, offers opportunities for musicians of all ages to apply for awards, encourages the study of music, invites musicians to perform, and celebrates American music.

The National Federation of Music Clubs is a tax-exempt, non-profit philanthropic and educational organization dedicated to music education and promotion of the creative and performing arts in America since 1898. The NFMC was chartered by the U.S. Congress on August 9, 1982.


Who We Are

The Wisconsin Federation of Music Clubs is a non-profit organization that gathers together those who love music, perform or teach music, in groups that promote the Federation Festivals as well as enter students in numerous award categories. We promote and support American music, musicians and performers, composers and arrangers, music educators, and those who appreciate music.

We are a community based organization that recognizes exceptional musical talent by working throughout our state to offer monetary awards given in judged auditions. In communities large and small, we support music in schools and donate to awards and scholarships that advance the study of music for music students with the help of supportive volunteers and parents.

In this website you will find a way to connect with others who have found opportunities to participate in:

  • Federation Festival© programs,
  • Federation Cup© programs
  • Competitive judged award events
  • For teachers – helpful information, applications, rules, award applications
  • Community outreach and participation, music clubs and individual members
  • Club meetings where members share, enjoy, and study their love of music.

The WFMC provides musical opportunities for all ages in the following Divisions.

  • Junior Division (typically k-12)
  • Student/Collegiate Division (typically 19 to 26)
  • Senior(Adult) Division (19 and up)

There are awards and scholarships for high school, collegiate, and adult aged members at all skill levels. See the Competitions and Award Chart from the National Federation of Music Clubs here [link to quick chart of awards] This NFMC chart lists all awards that you or your students may be eligible for.

It is the hope of the WFMC that you will discover who we are and how you can join us in sharing the programs, awards, and scholarships of the WFMC, along with the North Central Region (of which Wisconsin is a part) and the National Federation of Music Clubs.
It is together that we can keep music in our schools and communities vital and strong, growing and thriving, honoring and recognizing those who excel in music. Your membership is greatly appreciated.