Membership in the federation has its benefits! There are numerous awards, grants, and scholarship opportunities through the national federation web site. Click on the button below to access the listing on national’s site. 

For awards specific to Wisconsin, click on the WFMC Awards button below. 

WFMC Awards

These awards are unique to Wisconsin, separate from national awards and scholarships. 

  • Apple for the Teacher
  • High Achievement Award
  • Peggy Radmer Scholarship
  • Senior Club Grants


Apple for the Teacher

Apple for the Teacher — $500 awards given to qualified music teachers through an application process. The music teacher must be nominated by a WFMC Senior Club member. Award funds go towards classroom needs; i.e., instrument purchases, repair or tuning of instruments, transportation to a music concert, concert attendance, sponsoring a guest artist or lecturer of music, or similar needs. This award is given to teachers in either a public or private school. Contact the WFMC Chair Sam Ecoff for more information.

Download the Apple for the Teacher application.

High Achievement Award

The High Achievement Award of the WFMC is a $500 award that recognizes high school students who have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in music or dance. A student may have achieved exceptional advancement in the musical arts or may have been recognized with audition commendations, awards, or scholarships. Eligibility is not based on the students plans to pursue their art in postsecondary education. This award is not need-based. Students may receive the WFMC High Achievement award only once.
Download the High Achievement Award application.

Peggy Radmer Scholarship

The Peggy Radmer ‘I Love Music’ Scholarship is an award given to a qualified student through an application process. This scholarship is open to students who are NOT pursuing music as a major. The award is in recognition of volunteer hours given to music program development or outstanding music participation in their school, church, synagogue, or other community setting.

This award is named after Peggy Radmer and her family honors her memory by funding and giving this award annually.

Download the Peggy Radmer Scholarship application.

Any questions about the application process may be directed to the designated chair, Bonnie Hillmer.

Senior Club Grants

The deadline for Senior Club grants in Wisconsin is September 15, annually. The grants are $300 each with the number given annually decided by the grant committee. Theresa Wilkinson is the designated chair of the grant selection process. The grants are given to WFMC senior clubs, who qualify, in order to pursue projects for the advancement of music, or music appreciation in their communities. The grants may be used towards musical guest artist workshops/lectures, concert events, or programs in local schools, or other similar events.