Become a Member

Thanks for your interest in joining the Federation! To start, are you a teacher or a student? 


I am a Teacher / Music Lover / Returning Member

Becoming a Federation Club Member is as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

  1. Become a member of a Senior Club in your area
  2. If there is no Senior Club near you, join the Wisconsin Independent Senior Club
  3. Enroll the number of the students in your junior club
  4. Pay the dues to the WFMC Membership Chair by October 1 annually

I am a Student

The good news is that all you have to do is tell your teacher! Ask them if they are a member of the Federation. If they say no. send them to this web site. If they say yes, they will fill out the necessary forms to sign you up to join a junior club! The fee is $5 for the year. That’s all you have to do! Don’t forget to PRACTICE for your festival events!


  • Awards for achievement
  • Scholarships towards advancing your studies
  • Opportunities to perform
  • Student Composers! Get your music heard
  • Writers who submit essays on music

What You Get by Becoming a Member

Being a member of the Federation brings opportunities for you as a teacher and your students!

The benefits of joining our active, vital, and thriving group, is that you will be a member who makes a difference in music in your community.  

Performance and Evaluation Opportunities

  • Federation Festival competitions (state and nationwide)
  • WFMC State Festival Competition
  • Essay entries for National Music Week
  • Junior Composers Contest

Monetary Awards & Scholarships

in multiple instrument categories and competitions

Networking With Peers

Collaboration and peer support network

Friendship, cooperation, studio collaboration

Composition Competitions

in all age categories and Veterans awards



in theory, writing, and performing


in multiple event categories, piano, voice, string, guitar, and many more!