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Past, Present, Future – NFMC 125 years and Still Making Waves

National Federation of Music Clubs founded in 1898, Chartered by Congress, an NGO member of the United Nations.

The WFMC has a proud musical history dating to the early 1900’s being the first state in the nation to federate and thus has a long association with the NFMC. 

We are an organization of those who not only enjoy music, but also; create, arrange and edit music, perform on instruments of all kinds, excel in piano education and performance, vocal and choral education and participation, teach in public, private schools and home studios to students of all ages. We are not a group of musicians only; we are a group of volunteers that believes in supporting music in our schools and communities.

Music is indeed the universal language; a voice of reason and peace in troubling times, a message of hope, a reflection of our time, a treasured or cherished memory, a dance, a creation of our choosing. Whatever language music is speaking – keeping music in our communities across our state is a vital part of our membership responsibility.

What do we do?

The WFMC welcomes you to become a member. Volunteers are needed to continue programs that extend to all ages in three basic levels, Junior, Student/Collegiate, and Senior. There is a program or award waiting for your help today.

Join us in this vital organization and stay involved to ensure that music remains a part of everyone’s life. The following members are part of the leadership of the WFMC. Because of their dedicated volunteerism programs and awards are coordinated at a state level.

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