Junior Composers

The Junior Composers Contest

The Junior Composers Contest (“Junior Composers” for short!) encourages young composers to participate in a competition where they may receive cash prizes at the state, regional, or national level. Compositions are judged by nationally known composers that give knowledgeable critiques.

Compositions may be for keyboard, voice, other instruments, or any combination.

 WFMC submitted compositions must be received in time for judging by March 15 (this date is determined by the WFMC Chair of the JCC) regional level judging by April 1, and national level judging is done by May 1.



Each entrant receives a rating sheet, and points towards their Federation Cup just like other performance events in the Federation Festivals. This competition is for junior composers, whether they are experienced in composing, or just beginning. Entrants do not need to be studying composition. Any member of a Junior Club, or an individual junior member, of the WFMC is eligible. Students through the age of 18, at any level of ability may enter this composition contest. Compositions may be for keyboard, voice, other instruments, or any combination thereof.


Rules may change from year to year! Carefully read through the requirement and application paperwork. All compositions and applications must be sent PDF format, recording in MP3 format, reduced and notated via a notation software program, or hand notated and scanned.

Other requirements to submit a score are given on the application form. If you have questions please contact the WFMC Chair of this contest, Kayme Henkel.

In addition to being an entrant in the Junior Composers Contest students have an opportunity to attend the Composers Institute for an intense week of composition study. The WFMC offers half scholarships to this camp for students who enter the JCC in our state.